Stolen Hearts


Simon Durant is a handsome ex-criminal, forced to take on one last job to please his father. Samantha Closier is a privileged dreamer who has been charged with the running of the family jewellery business, something she wishes she’d never been drawn into. Between them is the Miller bracelet, a priceless gem that Simon’s abusive father has made him try to steal.

But, this woman! He finds himself infatuated. Can Simon go through with the job, or will he succumb to the intense throbbing in his loins?

Stolen Hearts is a 12,000-word novella, and contains scenes of an intense graphical sexual nature. Reader discretion is advised.

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Bound by the Billionaire

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It’s just days before self-conscious wallflower Patricia Peck heads to college and finally away from her overbearing parents when she first meets dashing and powerful billionaire Edward Cordier, who seems to be able to see right through her insecurities and into her very soul. She quickly finds herself brazenly submitting to his every sexual whim. 

Trying to please her parents, she strikes up a new sexual relationship with Sam Caldwell, who, unbeknownst to her, was her childhood sweetheart. But when Edward walks back into her life, Patricia finds her sexual attraction to him all too powerful, choosing to run away with him to his decadent home and become his sex toy. Sam, meanwhile, plots to get her back at all costs. 

But who really is Edward Cordier, and what is his big secret? Why does he have seem to have something to hide? Who really loves Patricia? Should Patricia choose the rich Edward, who sends her into orgasmic bliss at his very touch, or dedicated, muscle-bound Sam who she so coldly spurned? When all secrets are finally revealed, Patricia will be shocked to learn the truth about her two sexy suitors. 

Note: This 32,000 word erotic novella contains many scenes of an explicit sexual nature, S&M, bondage, dominant men, and submissive women.

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Handcuffs and Spanking

Blindfolds over eyes, chains on bodies, and paddles on asses - the secret group sex escapades of Bondage Club is one that student Rachel Adams will come to feverishly enjoy. Book 1 of Bondage Club retells how such an curious but innocent girl is first drawn into the wicked, decadent world of group BDSM - by first meeting Daniel Turner and his little box of cuffs, whips, blindfolds, and videos. 

Why does she love being spanked so much? Why does she like to lose control completely, tied and whipped by her passionate lover, so much so that her naughty little ass blazes red hot in pain? How can she sometimes feel submissive, but other times loves to don the role of dominatrix and go to town on her surprised lover? 

Together with Daniel, Rachel goes on a journey of sexual discovery that starts in the bedroom, but goes so much further than she had ever anticipated.

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Claiming Crystal - 3 Part Series

Crystal is no mere princess - she is a renowned beauty without compare in an ancient kingdom obsessed with carnal desires. Upon the occasion of her first puberty it was discovered by her maid-mothers she is in fact one of the famed mythical Jewels of the Kingdom, empowered with the ability to entice any man or woman with her intense, alluring, sexuality. 

As her second puberty fast approaches, the King tasks his daughter with choosing a suitable lover from a grand assembly of exalted princes and suitors who have crossed the kingdom intent on wooing and impressing their way into her boudoir and into her father’s pockets, as is the custom. But much to her father’s chagrin it is a lowly but mysterious stable-hand who catches Crystal’s wandering eye, setting in motion a chain of lust-filled encounters between all involved that would make even the most liberated queen blush. How will Crystal choose her new king? How can she satisfy both her father’s wishes and her own newly-raging loins? It’s going to be quite a party. 

Note: Claiming Crystal is a 3-part erotic romance series with many scenes of a sexual nature. Reader discretion is advised. 

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Part 1 - 10,000 words -
Part 2 - 20,000 words -
Part 3 - 20,000 words -

Dreams of a Vampire



Night after night Cassie has been dreaming of Jonah, a tall, gorgeous vampire who comes to her, ravages her body, and takes her to the very edge of sexual ecstasy. Now she has what appear to be teeth marks where the vampire bit her in her dreams. Is Cassie going out of her mind? Is the vampire real, and if so, what does he want with her? Cassie finds herself in a world torn between fear and lust for the sexy vampire, as the lines between the mortal world and the dream one get ever blurrier. Will she succumb to him?

Note: Dreams of a Vampire contains erotic scenes of a graphic sexual nature. Reader discretion is advised.

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Taming Tarra (The Jungle Girl)



To Amazonian Tarra, the jungle has always been the home she loves. She’s proud of being the smartest and most resourceful beast of all the jungle. But when a sexy male researcher lands on the island and sets up camp, her whole world is challenged. What is this handsome creature, and why does he elicit these strange new feelings deep in her loins? Curious, she decides to investigate this man more, and they begin a romantic and erotic discovery together, deep in the jungle, detached from the whole world. But will he return to his modern life and leave Tarra behind forever?

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King of Bitcoin



19-year old Atlas Fawkes is a bitcoin true believer. It’s 2019, and he’s been eulogizing the new anonymous online currency for five long years, using all his spare cash to ‘mine’ for bitcoins. But why won’t people listen to him? The fools!

When an extraordinary turn of events proves Atlas right, and bitcoin becomes the only way to trade, he suddenly finds himself holding the keys to the kingdom. What will he do with his new-found wealth? How will he repay those who mocked him so relentlessly?

Warning: King of Bitcoin contains many adult themes, very strong language, and scenes of an explicit graphic sexual nature. Lots of silly things happen, and you should not attempt to use this book as a get-rich-quick manual.

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Are you pro-bitcoin?

Yes and no. I recognize it currently has many flaws. King of Bitcoin is just a bit of harmless fun.

Are you a libertarian/liberal/conservative/tub of lard/what?

I’m not anything really. I’m just in it for the laughs.

What’s your bitcoin address so I can support the next one?

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Demon Possession I - Seance

Dominique is a pretty college student, a devoted catholic, a virgin. She had never even heard of BDSM, sado-masochism, domination or submission and had certainly never let her boyfriend go too far in their sexual antics - until now. Her dirty best friend Tammy has coerced her into attending a séance, something her and her body now sorely regrets.

As the séance turns into an group orgy and a lust demon is summoned, she gets her first taste of depraved, sordid, wicked sex. The demon wants her - but not just her body, it wants her mind, her purity, wants her to willingly follow it down into the depths of sinful lust and submit to it. Dominique is going to be under its power completely. But could it be that she just might like it?

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This novella is part I of the IV-part Demon Possession series. WARNING: These paranormal erotic novels contains many graphic sexual scenes of an S&M nature, including mind control, oral sex, penetrative sex, anal sex, sex with college students, sex with objects, BDSM, prostitutes, demons and devils taking the minds of students and making them perform base acts, witches and magic, dominant men and submissive women, pain, bruising, hard slapping and spanking, questionable consent, out of control group sex, threesomes and the extended deflowering of a young virgin woman.

Demon Possession is also available on as a complete series bundle priced at $6.99.